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A Taste of Romance
A Taste of Romance

Country: США

Жанр: Семейные Year: 2012

Directed by: Ли Роуз

Narrated by: Тери Поло, Александр Бедрия, Джек Конли, Симона Кук, Ashley Cusato, Рокмонд Данбар, Пегги Данн, Бэйли Мэдисон, Мерси Мэлик, Джонатан Наил

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Very fine,a great movie for family viewing. Watched without translation, and it was clear by the movement of the hands, in the plasticity of the face, the emotions of the people. A wonderful film. One of the best I've seen. And the actors on the height.


it is a nice movie. i liked it.


fantastic movie and perfect cast!


Wow)) This movie is really fantastic)) I love it. I advise to watch it. You will taste romance)


Today for me was very bad day I have ever had. But, this film up my mood. A taste of Romance is a great film, which tell us not only about nice love, but that all things depend on us and we shouldn't put down our hands. Thank you.


it was a pretty love story


Wow!It was really romantic film.Thank you so much for that.


Thanks for such a wonderful film!


Thanx a lot for a lovely evening!


Very lovely film